Golden Triangle Tours Best Way to Explore Culinary Delights & India’s Riches

Golden Triangle Tours is the name given to the most fascinating touring circuit of India. Unleashing the country’s historic past, its heritage, colorful cultures and flavorsome cuisines, Golden Triangle Tour packages takes one to a whirlwind ride of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The path to the touring circuit is resplendent with fortresses, spectacular palaces, historic monuments, UNESCO applauded World Heritage Sites and culture capitals. Encompassing Golden Triangle cities brings a visual treat to the eyes of history, art and architecture lovers, but it is also an opportunity for food frantic to taste real flavor of India.

Gourmets Feast Upon Delhi Cuisines: The capital city of India, Delhi is also hub of political and cultural activities. A fabulous metropolis Delhi is also a significant center of education and technology; also its historic heritage is very impressive, but the real charm of the city is in its cuisine. Delhi is a potpourri of cultures, it has a mini-India in itself and has welcomed people of various cities, states, color and creed with open arms and thus the variety in its cuisine and flavor in its food is one to die for. From tangy Chaat (kind of spicy snack) to delicious curries and lip-smacking Mughlai there is an abundance of choice of food. Eating joints, low- budget restaurants, road side vendors to elite restaurants and more authentic Delhi cuisine means best of Indian food. From Punjabi style cooked South Indian food to Chinese Tadka-Mar-ke and of course famous Kebabs and Tandoori food, Delhi offers et al to satiate your taste-buds. One can even have best of authentic Continental and world cuisine in Delhi well-known as the Food-Capital of India.

Jaipur’s Royal Grandeur: No Golden Triangle Tours are complete without experiencing royal charm which is well preserved till date at stunning palaces and forts of Jaipur. On a sightseeing tour across famous royal capital of Rajasthan one experiences a royal saga unfolding at hilltop Amer Fort, honeycomb shaped- Hawa Mahal and fascinating royal observatory- Jantar Mantar. Mesmerizing sight of City Palace further add to the charisma of Rajasthan ideally known as the princely state of India. Explore its bazaars to pick interesting hand-made curios; silver jewelry, colorful puppets, hand-printed fabrics and more the vibrant bazaars of Jaipur will indeed sweep you off your feet with their elegance and simplicity. Further a mesmerizing performing art scene is a must for all those touring the fabled touring circuit.

Agra: What appears to be a painter’s fantasy coming alive is actually a living specimen of Mughal artistic excellence. Agra is where the ultimate emblem of love- Taj Mahal is located which made city world-renowned. Also, Agra is well-known for other UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. On Golden Triangle Tours in India the sights of these UNESCO riches are a must visit for they give a sneak peep into the country’s architectural heritage and also brings closer to its legendary history of mighty Knights and their dynasties.

In a nutshell Golden Triangle Tours avails a quick introduction to the vast sub-continent of India.

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Selecting the Perfect Culinary Deciding upon the Perfect Culinary School

Culinary universities can supply a broad selection of occupation possibilities to folks that are interested in learning the art of cooking. Lots of men and women are opting to consider up cooling as a occupation alternative in this rapidly expanding sector.

If you have your heart set on a profession in cooking you will get the appropriate schooling and schooling from the several culinary colleges out there. There are several varied tactics that you will understand for cooking a large assortment of cuisines from all over the community.ty.

These colleges can supply you with the ideal schooling and teaching as very well as the most effective instructors and amenities. A lot of of them will help you with career placement aid and you occur away with a certificate that is identified the world about. The much better ranked culinary college you opt for then the greater occupation potential customers you will have.

Bulletins from entire world report, U.S. news or Princeton overview will allow pupils to check the rankings and ratings of the best culinary schools.

The most well-known of these institutes is the culinary institute of The united states. It is acknowledged as one of the largest culinary education institute in the entire world. The varied courses include things like Sous-chef, sommelier, garde chef, pastry chef and a lot additional.

Anyone with fundamental cooking understanding would begin at stage one. Any individual that is additional professional would be at degree 2 and the specialist cooks would be at level three.

The culinary colleges can be rather high priced and would necessitate tons of commitment and tricky function from all of its students.

The gain of graduating from these prime culinary institutes would be that you can get an opportunity to get the job done with some of the worlds most well known hotel groups after you have graduated. Some that graduate might even go on to open up their private firms with the qualifications attained.

Culinary colleges are areas where by people can find out the artwork of cooking. It is one particular of the rising sectors with a vast assortment of job possibilities, resulting in quite a few people today opting for culinary arts as their career option. Cooking needs very much knowledge and innovation, which necessitates appropriate teaching and schooling. This is wherever the culinary universities show beneficial in preaching the acceptable models of cooking a variety of the cuisines.

The greatest culinary colleges present the best amenities, instructors, meals provider operations, occupation placement assistance, credentials, and many practical sessions. They also deliver certifications that are revered and identified the globe about. Thus, it is very necessary to opt for good ranked culinary universities for far better job prospectus.

College students can verify the rankings and ratings of culinary universities in the United States from bulletins such as the Princeton Assessment, U.S News or from Community Report. According to these ratings, the ten very best culinary universities in the U.S are The Culinary Institute of America, The French Culinary Institute of New York Metropolis, Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute, Johnson &amp Wales University, New England Culinary Institute, California Culinary Academy, L’Academie de Cuisine, Tante Marie’s Cooking College, Kendall College, and George Brown Chef College.

A single of the world’s largest institutes of culinary training is the Culinary Institute of America.

Spent 2002-2007 analyzing jack-in-the-boxes in Suffolk, NY. Earned praised for my work working on tinker toys in Minneapolis, MN. Earned praised for my work consulting about accordians in Africa. Spent a year promoting dandruff in Miami, FL. Had moderate success working with mannequins with no outside help. Garnered an industry award while writing about crickets in Los Angeles, CA.

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Culinary Schools In Florida And What They Have To Offer

With warm beach locations, holiday resorts, along with amusement parks within FL, this is certainly one particular region which is where culinary chefs can certainly show off all their seafood meals and also experience Cuban and Latin flavors. Individuals that are open to becoming absorbed with this style of setting should truly think of looking at Culinary Schools in Florida. This specific region is a great place to begin with a job particularly with the variety of vacationers that travel here regularly.

Study more about studying cookery inside FL and the occupations out there. When your goal is to turn into one of the more respected culinary chefs in the nation, then this region might just be where you should really be acquiring your personal capabilities.

Florida Culinary arts Academic institutions
When looking for the suitable cookery education available for you, look into one that delivers excellent courses together with adequately stored and also furnished kitchen sets. Nevertheless it might be important to decide on a institution that hires seasoned culinary chefs and also educators. When you are learning from the finest, you then have the chance to grow to be among the finest at the same time. Do not fail to be certain that the course you take is accredited by the American Culinary Federation (AFC).

Below are some of the cookery institutions in this particular region:

-Chef Jean Pierres Cooking School
-Miami Dade College
-Chef Aliza Culinary Arts School
-The Don Ignacio Culinary Arts School
-Florida State University

Top rated Cookery Institutions in FL
There are plenty of top notch cookery institutions around FL that give courses instructed by remarkably seasoned culinary chefs. Graduates of the course will be able to get started in a thrilling culinary arts occupation in front of them in no matter what work place they opt for.

Read through this particular directory of the top cookery institutions in this region:

-Florida Culinary Institute
-Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
-International Culinary Schools at the Arts Institute
-Johnson and Wales University College of Culinary Arts
-Orlando Culinary Academy

FL Cookery Training
Getting accepted into a cookery course certainly is not that tough. There are actually primary prerequisites similar to trying to get any course which include a high school degree or perhaps GED. Normally work experience within a eatery for several weeks is also requested.

There are actually several cookery degrees obtainable from certificate courses, 2-year associates courses, in addition to 4-year bachelors courses. The greater education level you get, the better the position you could get soon after graduation.

Career Opportunities along with Pay for Chefs in Florida
Tourism is definitely enormous within the FL region. Numerous individuals from all over the world head here unwind in hotels and to experience pleasure in the numerous amusement parks. The restaurant business is unquestionably flourishing, which signifies that there are lots of work availabilities for prospective cooks.

Following the completion of a cooking course, you will have the opportunity to apply in health spas, accommodations, major resorts, dining places, amusement parks, and even get employed as a personal individual cook. It really is your choice to apply for any work you sense fits you most and can enable you to express yourself in this particular profession.

Cooks throughout FL generate a yearly average of approximately $45, 000-$50, 000. Remember that lots of work goes into being a cook. Though if you really like what you do then you definitely will not have anything to be worried about. What’s important is you are able to live life performing something which you have excellent desire for.

There are lots of excellent culinary schools in Florida to take into account. In case you are thinking about establishing your own personal cookery profession in this region, it truly is definitely a superb alternative with the number of cuisines offered. Uncover precisely what meals excites you so that you could enhance your very own specialty as a cook.

China culinary arts tour

Among the biggest parts Chinese lifestyle, Chinese food has been revered and also identified throughout China’s history.

You could have been tantalized through Chinese dishes from publications, or loved the experience of dining in a Chinese restaurant in your own town.wn.

Nevertheless, that which you may well not comprehend is that authentic Chinese dishes are vastly completely different from what you might have been used to. Most Chinese food that you’re familiar with is actually heavily fried. Vegetables will be more or much less treated while condiments instead of the basis for some dishes. Chinese food which you order for take-out does not completely understand the many regional variations discovered through China.

China Cuisine is actually universally named among the greatest food of the world.Chinese cooking is undoubtedly among the finest pleasures any visitor can experience in China. China’s huge territory and extensive history have given birth to distinct regional cuisines over the centuries. The exact range of regional cuisines in China is still under argument, but specialists come to an agreement on at least four: Sichuan,Shandong, Guangdong (Cantonese), and Jiangsu-Zhejiang.

This particular can be a China tour particularly developed for individuals who love Chinese cuisine. This tour will provide you with the chance to pay a visit to some of China’s most well-liked destinations and discover ways to cook the local foods.

Day-to-day ITINERARY

Day 01: Arrive in Beijing
On landing , you are greeted and helped transfer to the hotel to check in .

Day 02: Beijing-B,L,D
This morning, visit the vast Tianmen Square and also the Forbidden City, the greatest safeguarded imperial palace in China and also the largest ancient palatial structure in the world. Following lunch,drive to a local culinary school where you are going to spend about three hours in order to get familiar with the Chinese cooking utensils and learn the fundamental skills of how you can make Beijing Food.

Day 03: Beijing-B,L, D
Today enjoy a highlight of your trip as you go to the renowned Great Wall, one of the great wonders of the world. En route,if traffic enables, to stop to photograph the iconic Bird’s Nest. The Beijing National Stadium is a host to many spectacular events of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Then arrive at the remarkable Great Wall, and walk along its ramparts as emperors once did. Immediately after lunch stroll along the Sacred Way to the Ming Tombs and Chang Ling Exhibition Hall. The Ming Tombs is the burial location of 13 Chinese emperors and includes the finest preserved structures of 15th century Chinese art and architecture.

Day 04: Beijing / Chengdu-B, L,D
This morning , go to an additional cooking school where senior Chinese chefs will present you the entire process on the way to cook typical Beijing food and find out ways to make quite a few Chinese dishes from the right beginning to the end, and then try generating 1 dish by yourself.

Afterwards, you may have lunch at the famous Jiaozi Restaurant to see how Chinese dumplings are produced and then have a tour of the local vegetable marketplace. Here you might be shown all the special meats, spices and vegetables that are necessary as a way to make most Chinese dishes.
Later, take flight to Chengdu.

Day 05: Chengdu-B,L,D
An fascinating day will begin as you travel to a nearby culinary school.
Course of this morning is focused on the basic theory of Sichuan Banquet . At about 11:00,begin to practice under the guidance of master for 1 course of Sichuan Food.This afternoon practice under the assistance of cuisine master for 2 to 3 course of Sichuan Food. Tonight, you’re our guests at a conventional Chinese Medicinal Herbal Banquet.

Day 06: Chengdu /Leshan / Chengdu–B, L, D
A a quite different experience awaits you as you go to visit the well-known Panda Reserve to see these adorable animals becoming reared in wooded surroundings reminiscent of their natural habitat. Based on the pandas’ activities whenever you check out, you may well have the chance to take your picture with an adorable baby panda! Later travel to Leshan to visit the remarkable Grand Buddha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as the world’s largest Buddha statue carved into the side of the Lingyun Mountain.Take a brief boat trip to observe the statue. From here , drive back to Chengdu.

Day 07: Chengdu-B,L,D
Training course of this morning teaches the fundamental theory of Sichuan Snack and Hot Pot. At about 11:00,commence to practice under the guidance of master for 1 course of Sichuan snack.This afternoon practice under the guidance of cuisine master for 2 to 3 course of Sichuan Snacks. This evening, appreciate the acclaimed Sichuan Hotpot.

Day 08: Depart Chengdu-B,
Check out of the hotel and transfer to the airport for your flight onward.

Jeremiah Wilcox is a tour leader who guides tours in China, India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.
Chinese cooking

Top Five Things To Do in Dallas

If youve been to Dallas, Texas, you know theres a lot more going on than Cowboys games, big belt buckles and bigger hair. Whether youre moving for work or family, there are so many fun and unique attractions that Dallas has to offer. Weve compiled a list of our Five Favorite Attractions in Dallas.

1. Klyde Warren Park

Dont let the super highways and skyscrapers fool you, theres plenty of green space to be found in Dallas. Our favorite spot is the relatively new Klyde Warren Park. The 5.2-acre park sits atop the recessed Woodall Rodgers Freeway between Pearl and St. Paul streets in downtown Dallas. There are designated parks for dogs, children and theres even free WIFI. Right now the park offers food from rotating food trucks, but Relish & Savor, a Thomas Phifer designed restaurant, is set to open this summer! Check out its website for daily activities. The park has everything from fitness boot camps to musical concerts.

2. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Located in Victory Park in downtown Dallas, the Perot opened to the public in December 2012. Kids and adults alike can discover a pre-ice-age Dallas, witness the fossils of the fearsome T-Rex, use technology to study your own body in motion, see the Big Bang in action, create their own Texas animal footprints and much more! For kids 5 and younger, the Moody Family Childrens Museum offers age-appropriate crafts and activities for discovery and fun.

3. White Rock Lake

More than 1,015 acres and nine miles of surrounding hike and biking trails make White Rock Lake a popular spot for Dallas residents of any age. Walking, jogging, hiking, rowing, fishing and bird watching are all options for White Rock visitors. High-powered motorboats are prohibited on the lake, but those looking to get on the water can sail, row, canoe, kayak and paddleboard freely.

4. Spoon Bar & Kitchen ($$$$)

Top Chefs John Tesar put Dallas on the culinary map with Spoon. Never mind that Dallas is landlocked – Spoon delivers the best fresh oysters and seafood in the city. Make sure to reserve your table in advance. Spoon is the ultimate in Dallas fine dining.

5. Off-Site Kitchen

Never underestimate the power of an incredible burger. Thats just what youll get at Dallas most popular burger spot. This roadside burger joint is famous for its affordable classics and inspired flavor combinations. Dont miss the “Do it Murph-Style” cheeseburger or the individual pecan pies.

Were confident that exploring Dallas will keep you more than occupied during your stay. To find all bills paid apartments in Dallas near our top five attractions, make sure to contact free Dallas apartment locators. We hope that this list and those services will make your move and stay in Dallas an easy and enjoyable experience.

Careers And Training In The Culinary Arts

People who love to cook and experiment with cuisine from all over the world may find a career in the culinary arts to be the most rewarding. There is always a demand for cooks and chefs, and there are job opportunities anywhere a person may travel. There is also a good chance for opening ones own catering business or even a restaurant or bakery.

Any time a person turns on the television there is a large array of cooking shows of all kinds playing. There are even networks dedicated to food preparation. People love to watch expert chefs prepare meals and learn how to make the cuisine at home. Many chefs have reality shows, as well.

Currently, bakeries that make custom cakes and confections are featured in many of these popular shows. These culinary artists make such intricate edible designs that the creations often do not even look like food. Some have made cakes in the shape of people, favorite objects, or vehicles and even in the size of small cars. Some even have special effects like moving parts, lights, and smoke.

Wedding cakes are very popular on these shows as well. It is not surprising since a wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. Some of these cakes cost more than the bride’s dress and even look more beautiful.

Even those who do not want to be Hollywood chefs or have their own reality show can make a successful career in the culinary arts. Good chefs are always in demand, especially with restaurants that serve specific ethnic cuisine like Italian or Thai food. Pastry chefs can find positions at bakeries anywhere, and those who do not like to work for others can always open a catering business.

No matter what path one takes in this field, it is best to obtain some professional training first. Even people who grew up as kitchen helpers at their grandmother’s knee would benefit from a certificate or degree in culinary arts. Most community colleges have programs for this field, and there are options to branch into specific fields such as the pastry arts. One can also obtain higher degrees in the field.

Many larger colleges offer externships for the students to work in fine local establishments for pay. It is possible to train abroad in some cases, as well. This would be the best opportunity for those who desire to learn to cook gourmet cuisine from all over the globe. This experience can lead a person onto the path of becoming a world renowned chef. These are the people who eventually have their own establishments and television shows.

With the right training and experience, one can have a great career in the culinary arts. This is a far cry from simply making burgers in a casual eatery. There are many opportunities out there for those who wish to explore them. Everyone has to eat, and most people love to have a gourmet meal prepared for them by a person who has the skill and expertise to make it a truly special experience.

Learn Cooking Skills From Certified Culinary Art Schools

Lots of people consider cuisine as the basic thing that any person can perform easily at their home. Nowadays the demand of making future in catering field is increasing day by day and many women and even men are also taking admission in culinary field. Before taking final step the most important thing to consider is choosing the right schools. People need to keep several things in their mind when determining best culinary art schools. However it is not a simple task but one may take advice and help from their colleagues and relatives to get some ideas about these schools and career scopes.

There are numerous people who want to make their career in cooking industry and due to this reason they want to take admission in culinary schools to learn cooking art. There are very broad concepts to learn through these centers. They teach each and everything about how to cook food tasty and healthy. There are several courses offered in these centers that are useful to get job in hotels and restaurants. The duration of these courses vary from course to course. In these centers, cooking classes are taken by chefs and other professionals who are specialized in several individual fields.

Numerous gastronomic academies are available in several states of USA. These schools are offering several culinary programs like short term or long term diplomas or degree courses. By pursuing these courses from specialized cooking academies they can able to achieve their dream jobs in food industry. Even many culinary schools are also giving placement to the most deserving candidates. These centers are also providing financial assistance to students who are unable to afford these courses. Several online gastronomic schools are also organized for giving online classes and education to the people who can not attend regular culinary programs.

Some people are crazy about preparing varieties of food items and also want to join regular cookery courses but unable to do so because of job and family. They can choose online culinary schools that are varieties of courses and facilities to their candidates. They also offer online chef programs in Maryland that allow them to pursue degree and diploma in this field without attending traditional classes. These courses are also affordable and beneficial for the people to set their career in culinary field. Nowadays online education becomes most common source of education for the people who want to continue their job along with joining these type of courses.

Lots of people are choosing food industry for their career. Texas Cooking schools are the best place for these individuals to learn the actual manner of cooking food. In these cookery academies, the learners understand about several other sub fields in which they can make their career without doing cooking work. There are very vast technologies used in these schools for giving training to the candidates. Students learn the method of cooking large amount of food for hundred people at one time. In these academies students learns to hold the culinary equipments properly which is very important to be learn for cooking work.

A Culinary Arts School

You have made an executive decision in life to go to a culinary arts school. Now what? Culinary arts schools have many options, around the world, even. To choose one, you need to consider several aspects. Think that it does not matter? Around the world there are hundreds of thousands of people looking to be the next big chef. One of the first deciding factors on who you are as a chef is the culinary arts school that you attend. On that note, this will help you to find some answers to your questions about finding the best culinary arts school for you.

Your first decision is to select an area you will specialize in the art of cooking. Bakery, gourmet, and everything in between are your options. Not sure yet? Then, look for a culinary arts school that can provide you with a basic learning of many aspects of the art of cooking. This will lead to a foundation of love in one or more eventually.

Use the world wide web as a information source. You have heard it before, but most culinary arts schools now have the ability to provide details about their school, including why you should choose them, on their websites. This is an excellent way for you to learn more about the culinary schools on a preliminary plane.

Venture into the arena of scholarships. Look at culinary arts schools that are abroad. Understand the various schools of thought that are presented in each culinary arts school. Ask questions and get answers.

Visit the culinary arts schools that are known for their excellent students. Find out where students who have graduated from that school have gone and done with their lives. Observe a class, and tour the schools’s campus.

Of course, one of the largest concerns that people have when it comes to culinary school choice is the cost. These culinary schools are not cheap by any means, but the education you get will last you a lifetime. It is wise to consider quality well over price as much as you can. And, make sure to look into financial planning and financial aid.

Choosing a culinary arts school that feels right is important. Get all aspects of the decision just right and you can find yourself on your way to earning a culinary arts school degree in no time.

Top Culinary Schools of the World

Boiling water without burning it may seem like a simple process but in reality there are some individuals who simply do not know their way around the kitchen. They cannot tell you the difference between saut and broil. Culinary students who are interested in the top culinary schools must have some background in the kitchen if they hope to become an executive chef one day.

They have to know the basics if they want that ‘A’ on their souffle. It can be a demanding career and one that is tough on the body, mind and ego but for those who have the determination the pay off is extraordinary.ry.

Top culinary schools are not everywhere. There are many located throughout the United States that offer a comprehensive cooking degree upon completion, yet there are some that do not and so you must go online. The only online school that may be applicable, should you want to run the front end of a restaurant, is The University of Phoenix with their Hospitality and Business Management program. However, this program will only teach you how to run the front of a restaurant, as it will not include any instruction in the culinary arts.

Many cooking colleges offer a special type of arts program that is world renowned. At the California School of Culinary Arts Pasadena, you can partake in the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts program, about which most people are most familiar.

It is a great curriculum that offers three distinct programs, which you can either take separately or all together. They offer the culinary arts program, a baking program and a program that focuses on Hospitality and Restaurant Management.

If you are not thinking about obtaining a certificate or degree and simply want to further your skills and knowledge in the kitchen, then you may want to think about specialized classes in one area of culinary delight. You could take a Thai cooking school class or even an Italian cooking school class to teach you how to make those wonderful dishes you order at restaurants.

Choosing from among the top culinary schools can be difficult for students. Not everyone is cut out to be a chef. Some people never aspire to learn how to make the dishes served in five star restaurants. But for those who persevere and learn the tricks of the trade it can be a rewarding career filled with excitement and advancement. It is a dream of a lifetime for those individuals.

Many people were asking as to where they can find the best culinary education on earth. Many of them are wondering what the best culinary arts schools are. Well, the answers to these questions are typically provided by the culinary arts school rankings, which for long years have been considered as one of the most valuable tools for identifying which of the available culinary arts schools is best.

Yes, culinary school ranking is not a new concept. It has been around for years now, making it so common in the culinary education industry. However, although the culinary arts school ranking can give you the list of the top rated culinary arts schools, it’s not a good basis to say that ones presented on the list are truly the best schools. While it is acceptable to say that there are few very well-known and respected culinary schools on earth, it doesn’t follow that these respected institutions are the “best” ones.

My experience has taken me through a vast selection of resorts, 5 star hotels, restaurants, catering companies, cafe’s, boat charters, retail deli’s, cooking classes and major events providing me with experience of all levels of cooking with a huge influence in Modern Australian cuisine and a strong French background.

I have firm experience in a fast-paced environment with extensive knowledge of functions and a la carte menus and also the ability to put together successful degustation and canape menus both on and off site.

Both ‘live-to-air’ radio presentations and pre-recorded segments on;

– ABC Perth

– ABC Radio National

– RTRfm

– Radio Fremantle

– 6EBA

– ABC Rural WA

On going artcles in high profile magazines and newspapers such as;

– Flourish Magazine

– Quest Newspapers

– Coffs Coast Advocate

– Byron Bay Echo

– Fishing Western Australia

– Merredin Wheatbelt Mercury

– Nude Food Magazine

– Busselton Dunsborough Times

– The Kalgoorlie Miner

– Echo Newspaper

– Examiner Newspaper

– Post Newspaper

– Pizza News Australia (online magazine)

– Community News Blog (online blog)

– WA Health and Fitness Magazine (online magazine)

– Frigidaire Quality Appliances (online website contribution)

top 10 culinary schools in the world

Culinary Management Courses Employ Real World Approach

This article documents information about the Culinary Management program at Centennial College, which focuses on giving students a global perspective to traditional culinary management.

Imagine being able to experience exactly what your career will consist of before you graduate and having enough real world practice to enhance your resume. Thats exactly the case for students who attend Centennial Colleges culinary management program, called Culinary Management International. The two-year offering boasts a culinary placement that provides students with hands-on exposure to the culinary industry. During their time in the field, students of the culinary management program have an opportunity to observe, learn and work with experienced personnel in a real-life environment. They will have a course (Field Placement Review) that further enhances their placement by having them process and analyze the practical experiences gained on their field placement while providing a forum for the sharing of these experiences with their classmates. Discussions and interactions allow students an insight into different sectors of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, different companies within these sectors and the make-up and operations of these companies.

In addition to this valuable experience, students of the Culinary Management program attend 23 courses that ensure they become experts in culinary techniques, sanitation practices and management strategies as well as international cuisine, which can be applied in Canada and/or globally. The international cuisine lessons not only cover foods of specific areas through courses like Cuisines of Europe, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine, Cuisines of Southern Asia, Cuisines of the Americas, Cuisines of South-East Asia. Additionally, they will also learn how to manage diversity in the workplace through exposure to the unique relationship between cuisine, culture, and religion.

Further enhancing their studies in the culinary management program is the students access to facilities located on Progress Campus among which are a restaurant where they may work in the kitchen as well as state-of-the-art baking labs.

Those interested in attending this culinary management program must have completed at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or have mature student status (19 years or older); and possess the English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required) or can take an English Skills Assessment for Admission test.

Upon graduation from the culinary management program, students have the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to carry out their duties in a safe and professional manner, and will be ready for entry level positions in: hotel, cruise lines, resorts, restaurants, schools, hospitals, country clubs and camps.

As the author of this piece, Emma details the benefits of attending Culinary Management courses that have an international angle, including: Cuisine and Culture (Theory), Sustainable Food System Practices and more.