Holland America Welcomes Guest Chef Jacques Torres

Chocolatier, pastry chef, candy maker and cookbook author. When it comes to sweets, Jacques Torres has it all wrapped up! This is one of the primary reasons Holland America Line invited Torres to be a guest chef during 2006 at its onboard Culinary Arts Center presented by Food & Wine magazine. Passengers are able to attend cooking classes in a theatre-style demonstration kitchen and also view the classes on large-screen plasma TVs.

With a charming smile and exciting personality, Jacques Torres is a natural with public speaking and teaching. Starting his career at the age of 15, Torres began his apprenticeship at La Frangipane, a small pastry shop in his hometown of Bandol, France. Upon graduating first in his class, Torres began to refine his intuitive sense of creativity and artistry under the direction of two-star chef Jacques Maximin at the Hotel Negresco.

Always a proponent of education, Torres went back to school to earn his Master Pastry Chef degree from 1980 to 1983. Immediately upon completion, he began sharing his wealth of knowledge and his talent with students at a local culinary school in Cannes. In 1986, however, Torres set a record by becoming the youngest chef ever to receive the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France medal: something in which he and his students took great pride.

An ever-growing list of distinctions follows Jacques Torres, including:

participation in the rededication ceremonies for the Statue of Liberty

winning the Japanese Pastry Chef Association’s gold medal

winning the 1986 French Championship of Desserts

guest chef on Julia Child’s Master Chefs program

recognition as James Beard’s Pastry Chef of the Year

receipt of Chefs of America Pastry Chef of the Year award

recognition as Chocolatier magazine’s 10 Best Pastry Chefs and

membership in Academie Culinaie de France

Likewise, his accomplishments are equally amazing. Torres has:

developed two television shows: Dessert Circus with Jacque Torres and Dessert Circus At Home

authored a companion cookbook entitled Dessert Circus At Home (Morrow, 1999)

opened two chocolate and pastry shops in New York: one in New York City and one in Brooklyn

made frequent guest appearances on the Food Network

sailed as guest chef onboard Holland America Line cruises

served as Dean of Pastry Arts at the French Culinary Institute

prepared desserts and pastries for presidents, kings, celebrities and the wealthy worldwide

and much more!

Deeply concerned with giving back to the community, Torres donates his time to a wide variety of notable charities, including the American Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, Gods Love We Deliver, New York’s Hard of Hearing Association, Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center, the Association to Benefit Children and others.

With a fun, fanciful style, Torres creates delightful confections that look as fabulous as they taste. His goal is to appeal to all the senses, as he engages the eyes with creative presentations, the nose with exceptional aromas and – most importantly – the mouth with textures and flavors that can only be described as decadent.

The guest chef lineup for 2007 includes other amazing chefs. Check with your travel agent or Holland America for details on who will sail on which ships throughout the coming year.

Hochiminh City named as the top food street destination.

Virtual Tourist, the leading free, travel-oriented community has recently named Ho Chi Minh City among the worlds top ten cities for street foods. It was also recommended on Reuters Travel Picks column.

“Vietnamese cuisine has received some major street cred in recent memory (Anthony Bourdain’s praise comes to mind), and a quick visit to HCM City’s Ben Thanh or Binh Tay Markets explains why,” the travel site introduced about Vietnamese foods.

The Virtual Tourist team praises the street food heritage in Ho Chi Minh City for embracing a mix of cultures, primarily the citys French colonial background with Vietnamese spices and ingredients. Dishes that get special mention from the team are Pho, Banh Mi(Vietnamese-style baguette), Bo la lot(seasoned beef wrapped in betelleaf), Spring rolls and Com tam (steamedbroken rice with a fried egg on the top).

Virtual Tourist also gives advice to tourists coming to the country for the first time.If hygiene is a concern, travelers are advised to always choose popular, crowded stalls with high turnover.

Other cities in the list are Bangkok, Singapore, Penang, Marrakech, Palermo, Istanbul, Mexico City, Brussels and Beachside Ceviche in Ambergris Caye. This is not the first time HCM City is votedas the top haven for street food. Earlier this year, the city was ranked among the world’s top ten cities for street foods by the USs monthly culinary magazine Food & Wine. The popular travel guide book Lonely Planet also listed Banh mi as one of the most scrumptious street foods around the world.

Vietnamese Spring Roll
The fried version with minced pork is called ch gi (southern Vietnam), nem, or Nem rn (northern Vietnam); it has been mistakenly referred to as an egg roll or spring roll on some restaurant menus. Central Vietnam has its own version of a “fried roll” called “Ram.” “Ram” is always made from whole shell-on shrimp or chopped deshelved shrimps and some green onion, wrapped in rice paper and deep fried. “Ram”, like most food items from central Vietnam, are not widely available in Vietnamese restaurant overseas. The collective Vietnamese “egg rolls” are different from the Chinese egg roll in that it is typically smaller and contains ground or chopped protein such as pork, crab, shrimp (but rarely) chicken, taro, glass noodle, wood-ear mushrooms and shredded carrots. It would be more correctly referred to as a “Vietnamese fried Roll”. It is sometimes called eggrolls even though no eggs are used in the making. Rice papers are always used as the wrappers in Vietnam. Vietnamese restaurants in western countries tend to use the Chinese eggroll wrappers due to the inavailability of rice papers initially. However, some restaurants have slowly reverted back to using rice papers now that they are widely available.

Timeless Wisdom in Funny Food Quotes

Cooking As A Culinary Art

Culinary arts is the art of cooking. Cooking is a way to prepare food that will be eaten or served to other people.

The culinary arts is comprised of many categories – some of which are tools, methods, combination of spices and ingredients that adds flavor to the food. It normally needs the right measurements, proper selection and accurate combination of ingredients involved to reach desired result.

The diversity of the Culinary arts around the world mirrors many considerations such as:

– Economic
– Aesthetic
– Nutritional
– Religious
– Cultural

1. The Dawn Of Fire

The culinary arts, if not always, is associated with fire. The heat generated by fire is oftentimes required to be applied to be able to change the food’s texture, flavor, nutritional contents and even its appearance. Heating is important in the culinary arts because it disinfects the food and makes it softer. The food danger zone is between 4 to 60 degrees Celsius. Within these temperatures, the bacteria found in the found or even those that were transferred to the food can grow at a very alarming rate. Under ideal conditions bacteria can double their population every twenty minutes. Although at a glance, these foods may not appear harmful, when ingested they can be. Many people have the misconception that bacteria will die when we freeze our food or refrigerate them, but this actually does not rid the food of bacteria, merely it slows down their expansion.

2. Baking

Baking is probably the most famous department in the culinary arts. In the culinary arts, baking is the art of cooking food using an oven. The food is cooked through applying dry heat evenly through the oven and onto the food. It is used in producing pastry based goodies such as pies, tarts and cakes. The dry heat in the oven causes the starch to gelatinize and results to the browning or charring of the outside of the food. Some uneducated in the culinary arts might think that the charred part or the brown part is not as tasty as it sounds, but this part is actually what gives taste and flavor to the baked good, partly sealing the moisture of the food. The browning apparent in the baked good is caused by the sugar caramelizing and the chemical reaction that happens between the reduction of sugar and the amino acid (Maillard reaction). Moisture in the baked goody, on the other hand, is not really completely kept in, in time as the goody is being baked it will become drier and drier.

3. Boiling

Another category is boiling. Boiling is when there is a rapid vaporization of any liquid when the liquid is heated. In cooking, boiling is divided into many other categories. Blanching, a cooking term used to describe the submersion of food into boiling water and removing it after a certain period of time and then throwing it into cold water or letting water run over it causing the firming of food. Pressure cooking is when food is cooked inside an enclosed cooking tool that would limit the air that’s coming in or going out of that tool – this technique speeds up the pace of cooking. Stewing would probably be the most popular cooking technique in the culinary arts division. It is a method where meats are cut up into smaller pieces and along with some vegetables are simmered into a liquid. Simmering, then again is a cooking method where the liquid is barely kept away from its boiling point. Other boiling techniques are braising, codding, steaming, infusion, poaching, double steaming, steeping and vacuum flask cooking.

4. Other

To most Americans, microwaving and grilling are the most common forms of cooking. Microwaving is the easiest and simplest form of cooking; it is a technique used mostly to reheat sumptuous meals ready to be consumed. And for grilling, most Americans have a grill station in their backyard. Grilling is a roasting method that is cooking directly under a source of heat. Other roasting methods are Barbecuing, Searing and Rotisserie. A less common method is smoking meat, or even salting it.

Winter Leisure Job More fun than work.

Tourism knows no single season. Leisure industries do not shut-down for the winter; they simply change locations and climates. You can enjoy all the thrills of snow sports or all the warmth and relaxation of Caribbean sun with a winter leisure job.

If the bitter-cold fog swarms dense and the skies threaten snow in London, surely fresh powdery snow will fall high in the Alps, where dedicated skiers and snowboarders vacation from early December through all of April. If rain falls in Vancouver, fresh snow falls at Whistler Mountain, where legions of dedicated amateurs wish to slide down the mountains in Olympians tracks. Meanwhile, a small armada of cruise ships plies the Caribbeans clear, warm waters, catering to refugees from all kinds of arctic climes.

All those winter vacationers require service of all kinds. Recreation and hospitality jobs abound, well-paid and prestigious culinary positions invite new applicants, and management opportunities await new graduates of hotel and restaurant management programs. Whatever your wintertime passion, you easily can combine it with a satisfying winter leisure job.

Winter leisure job in the snow? Combine your passion for big air with your people-penchant, becoming a ski instructor at any of a hundred upscale resorts in need of your services. Or dedicate your black-diamond ski skills to patrolling the mountains, keeping the slopes safe and ministering to intermediate sliders who take-on a little too much and fall a little too far a little too hard. If you have mechanical skills, help the resorts maintain and repair their heavy equipment, and if you have heavy equipment skills, become a “Snowcat” operator. Every ski resort depends on hundreds of employees who work round the clock to keep the slopes groomed and ready for visitors.

Many of the finest European and North American ski resorts now offer casino gambling. Opulent new casinos in high-end destinations need employees of all descriptions. Why not ski all day and deal all night, rubbing elbows with and putting cards in the air for Hollywood celebrities, European royalty, and stars from the World Series of Poker? Or why not put your exceptional service skills to work as a concierge?

Winter leisure job in the sun? If you dread “raccoon eyes” and near-terminal frost bite, look for a winter leisure job with the worlds major cruise lines. Major cruise ships are giant floating cities, and everything it takes to sustain a city must similarly go to sea about a cruise ship. No matter what your skills and background, you probably can find attractive, gainful employment aboard ship.

Especially if you have athletic, aquatic, and teaching skills, the cruise lines are eager to offer attractive winter leisure jobs. All those swimming pools and water slides need instructors and lifeguards almost around the clock. Beginning snorkelers and intermediate scuba divers need instruction before they plunge into the clear blue seas. And a small army of eager childrentots to teensneeds constant supervision, entertainment, and instruction.

Several reputable and reliable online brokerages connect would-be leisure workers with employment opportunities. Enter “winter leisure job” in your search engine, and watch great opportunities appear.

The French Culinary Institute In Nyc

The French Culinary Institute was founded in New York City in 1984 by Dorothy Cann Hamilton. It quickly became one of Americas foremost cooking schools, due to its combination of classic French techniques and American inventiveness. Today, it is recognized as one of the worlds most prestigious culinary schools due in part to the distinguished faculty at the school.

Faculty members include culinary luminaries such as master chefs Alain Sailhac, Jacques Ppin, Andr Soltner, Jacques Torres, Alice Waters, and master sommelier Andrea Robinson. They also have a series of visiting lecturers to compliment the teachings of their core faculty. The FCI provides students with rigorous, hands-on, training that allows for an easy transition into the workforce.

There are three core programs available at the FCI: The Culinary Arts Program, The Classic Pastry Arts Program, and their Art of International Bread Making Program.

The Culinary Arts Program will teach you much more than French cuisine. This program will provide you with the foundation necessary for all great cuisine. The program is broken into four levels, with each progressively more intense than the last. By the fourth level you will have direct responsibility for the menu at “LEcole”, a restaurant highly rated by the Zagat Survey and the Wine Spectator.

The Classic Pastry Arts Program will teach you all there is to know about making the perfect pastries. Under the stewardship of Jaques Torres, one of the youngest recipients of the prestigious “Meilleur Ouvrier de France Ptissier” Award, you will be on the road to success. The day you graduate, you will be qualified to create pastry art and designs in the finest commercial kitchens in the country.

The Art of International Bread Making Program is a 180 hour intensive immersion in all things bread making. Students will learn to bake artisan breads of France, German and Eastern European breads, and Italian breads in three two-week sessions. Graduates will receive “Le Diplome du Boulanger” upon successful completion of these courses.

For more information about The French Culinary Institute, feel free to visit their website at www.frenchculinary.com.

Improve Your Culinary Skills And Knife Skills In A Fun Cooking Class

How can I improve my culinary skills and knife skills?

Most people want to improve their culinary skills. Whether you are a real foodie who dreams of perfecting your macaroon baking technique and opening your own business, or if you simply want to be able to cook a quick, healthy and delicious meal for the family after work, the main principle for improving culinary skills is the same. Cooking should not be a chore but an enjoyable experience.

Nowadays London cooking schools are offering cooking workshops which provide a fun, sociable experience where you can learn new culinary skills and recipes from top chefs. Affordable cooking classes in London are a unique experience, giving you the opportunity to attend with a group of friends on a Saturday afternoon, a couple of colleagues for a short class in your lunch break or on your own for a lengthy cooking masterclass. You will join a group of cooks and create delicious dishes with step-by-step guidance from a friendly and experienced professional chef. After cooking workshops you are given the opportunity to enjoy your food in a dining room with your fellow classmates, for further socialising over a glass of wine.

Gone are the days when you had to learn knife skills from a big boring book filled with diagrams of an onion and where to slice it, and gone are the days of baking that cake numerous times while tweaking the recipe to prevent it sinking in the middle. Improve your culinary skills and learn how to cook delicious new recipes in a London cooking school, complete with handy tips and advice from professional chefs, to really rediscover your passion for cooking.

What types of cooking classes are available in London?

There are many different cooking schools in the UK. London is the food capital, with cooking schools of the highest calibre, some of which train professional chefs. If you are looking to experience fun and relaxed cooking workshops choose a London cooking school which centres its classes on people like you; home cooks or foodies, rather than professionals. These cooking classes in London are much more likely to have an emphasis on improving your culinary skills with an enjoyable experience, rather than a high-pressure serious class.

Cooking classes in London tend to have different themes, offering you the chance to improve particular culinary skills such as knife skills with foods which appeal to you. Cooking workshops often have a particular global influence, such as Italian, Indian, Thai, French or Spanish; or a theme such as desserts, healthy cooking, seafood, or pasta. Choose a London cooking school which offers a wide variety of classes with cooking workshops featuring your favourite foods. If you are concerned about a lack of spare time opt for cooking classes in London which teach you a dish in half an hour in your lunch break or a 1 hour class where you can create 3 courses which can be easily made again at home. If you want to improve your knife skills or learn how to impress with complex desserts, opt for an afternoon of cooking to learn as much as possible.

Good Eats In Irving Texas

Those vacationing in Irving, Texas, however, will discover a smorgasbord of restaurants and find that the challenge in Irving, Texas, is choosing the best place to dine from such an array of eating establishments.

By staying at the Courtyard Dallas DFW Airport South/Irving, you can insure that your vacation will be a true culinary experience.

While stay there, you can begin your day by having a delicious breakfast at the Courtyard Caf, located in the hotel and open for breakfast every morning. Its American cuisine at its best. Enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere as you sip your coffee and prepare for your day.

Capijiranos Caf is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. Conveniently located near the hotel, youll find the food tasty and the atmosphere delightful. Capijiranos is considered to be the best of the Italian restaurants near DFW Airport TX.

If youre in the mood for Japanese, Hanasho, located just 2.5 miles from the hotel, is a wonderful choice. Diners at Hanasho enjoy food prepared by Chef Yuji Suzuki, the greatest sushi chef in Irving, Texas. Open for lunch and dinner, this restaurant should be on the must do list of any person looking for an outstanding Japanese culinary experience.

Surely the best of the Mexican restaurants near DFW airport, and located just 2.5 miles from the hotel, is LA Margarita Mexican Restaurant. At this restaurant/cantina, you can relax with a margarita and delight in the authentic Mexican cuisine.

For a little Southwestern flavor, be sure to visit Cool River Caf located just 5.5 miles from the Courtyard Dallas DFW Airport South hotel. This restaurant and bar is open for lunch and dinner and offers extraordinary steaks and seafood.

So, be sure to reserve a room at Courtyard Dallas DFW Airport South/Irving Hotel and surround yourself with the best DFW Airport restaurants. Bon Apptit!

Gardening with Culinary Herbs

Herbs have been around us since centuries and the joy that people experience while gardening them is well known by them. If you are a beginner and want to start it with herbs then you would surely get success in it. They are easy to grow and though you will get the experience of growing herbs in a different manner. Gardening culinary herbs is easiest step while beginning with the herb garden.

Culinary herbs are distinguished from the categories of spices; these are the two different categories that sometimes overlap each other. It consists of both fresh and dried leaves of the plant. Culinary herbs have mild flavors few of the common culinary herbs are basil, thyme, French tarragon and rosemary. While beginning with the herb garden you need to take care while selecting the herbs, one should grow with the common herbs like basil, dill, chive, oregano, etc. These herbs are known as the classic herbs. Planting herbs need not require too many instructions, but the gardener should pay attention on the drainage and moisture of the herbs. It completely depends on the gardener which type of herbs they prefer to grow. Few of the herbs suitable for gardening are:

Chives Also known as Allium Schoenoprasum and is a perennial herb. Chive herbs are commonly used in salads, soups and cheese and also in herbal vinegars. Chives, is the herb that requires sunlight and the soil having the ph of 6.0. They give purple blossom and while harvesting the chives leaves one should keep in mind to cut the leaves 2 inches above the level of the ground. While herb plantation one must take precautions of not adding any pesticides or any kind of chemical additive this might cause harm to your health.

Dill This herb is native to Mediterranean part and the southern par t of Russia. It is an annual type of herb and is commonly used in seasoning of fish, soups and pickle. Dill herb is an ideal plant for the butterflies. For its proper growth one should seed them in the season of spring. This herb has long tap roots and that is the reason it is not transplanted.

French Tarragon The origination of this herb is from southern parts of Europe. It consists of paler leaves and is bitter in taste. It is a perennial plant and has the growth up to 2 feet tall. The plant requires much sunlight and it requires the soil having a pH of 6.9. Harvesting of this plant can be done after eight weeks of plantation.

Mint This type of herb is native to Europe and Asia. This kind of herb is quick in its growth and after plantation it does not take much time in harvesting. It can be planted even in the shaded region or in the sunlight and requires drained soil having a pH of 6.5. Young leaves and stem can be used of this herb.

Oregano Oregano is also native to Mediterranean regions of Europe and Asia. It is an important spice of Italian Cuisine and you will find this herb in most of the dishes. The flavor of this herb is strong and it is a perennial plant. It too requires full sunlight and drained soil having a pH of 6.8.

Thyme Thyme herb is native to western region of Mediterranean. We nit comes to structure of this herb it is small and branched shrub of a perennial plant. It can reach up to a height and width of 12 inches. Besides this there are many herbs that can be grown in the garden but you will enjoy gardening only when you get good results and that will be obtained by paying proper attention on the herb garden of yours. Within sometime you would understand gardening and can easily grow herbs of your own choice. There are also some herbs that are beneficial for the immune system such as Echinacea, Essiac Herb, ginger, turmeric etc.

Prime ten Culinary Universities

Numerous who program to take up cooking would like to find out how to make terrific dishes from French recipes or master how to make all individuals delicious pastries and cakes that the French as so well-known for.

It is fairly common to discover several New York residents who are quite interested in understanding how to cook French recipes. This is an individual most important purpose why you can uncover quite a few cooking applications currently being provided all about the United States. In recent occasions the emergence of a French cooking school amateur in New York speaks volumes about the quantity of individuals who are prepared to discover French cooking. It is doable for any person to find out about the several French cooking recipes quickly about the internet but it is only when one particular attends formal courses in a French cooking college amateur in New York that a person can discover how to prepare the recipes specifically from an skilled and seasoned cook at French cuisine. Attending a formal cooking class supplies you the prospect to interact with your teacher and other pupils although this is undoubtedly not achievable when carried out above the internet. Here you will get a reside demonstration on how to get ready and cook the numerous recipes along with lots of guidelines and suggestions. The teacher is accessible on hand to make corrections in your recipe though it is becoming cooked by you underneath their pro guidance.ce.

A French cooking professional, along with other skilled cooks are the ones who educate eager college students who want to master how to cook French recipes in this French Cooking School in New York. These folks are more than happy to reveal their awareness in French cooking with other students. These teachers are men and women who have had years of knowledge in French cuisine.

Many college students who pan to join courses in a French cooking school amateur in New York do so due to the fact they aspire to turn out to be skilled French cooks. Right here they are capable to get a lot of awareness so that they can attain experience which would make certain that they are assured a occupation as a cook in any an individual of the fancy French restaurants or the 5 star hotels. There are also older individuals who get up French cooking classes in a French cooking college amateur in New York just mainly because they want to discover how to cook the several delectable French recipes. Here they are presented possibilities to cook the several recipes below the skilled guidance of master cooks.

These French cooking colleges offer plans which assist the college students to specialize in French Cuisine. College students can assemble a lot of useful data and suggestions which they won’t be able to decide on up around the online or from guides. This is since lots of of the teachers in his school the following are skilled cooks on their own who have devoted numerous a long time in this style of cooking. These teachers have specialist know-how in all the recipes and know completely properly how to turn out a recipe just proper. The following pupils are also taught not only to flip out delicious dishes but also how to existing them attractively.

Eldon is passionate about gourmand food and wine. He is specifically passionate about culinary schools, which train the following generation of gourmand chefs.

New York Cooking Universities, Culinary Schools in New York Town – A Beginner’s Information, Culinary Schools in New York City – A Beginner’s Manual

Sage Herbs Help Those With Sickness

Medicinal herbs are quite a common trend in todays era. Though there are a number of manufactured medicines, there are people who would want to take in something more natural. Many of these natural medicinal bulk herbs have several benefits aside from its curative properties. Some have been widely used as culinary components as well as part of a concoction creating helpful and effective solutions.

Sage leaf is one common natural medicinal herb. These are small shrubs located in Mediterranean regions. Leaves are green with strong citrus scent. These small herbs are commonly added into culinary masterpieces. It can add flavor to most poultry and meat dishes, cheeses and even wines. Others may find it appealing if these sage leaves are combined with bread and butter.

Not only does this sage leaf a quality supplement to dishes and drinks, it has useful properties of curing meats and preserving other foods such as labiatic acid and carsonic acid. Moreover, it suppress fish odor. However, these sage leave do not stop its use for culinary purpose only. A sage leaf can also take away some pain and sickness in a person when taken in. It is extensively for fevers, pains, coughs and matters of digestion.

Clinical studies show that sage leaf can pacify digestion problems such as indigestion and stomach cramps. As preferred, these leaves are boiled to create a nice hot tea good for drinking. Chinese strongly believe in the efficacy of medicinal herbs in providing solution for their digestive problems as well as other sickness. The oil of sage leaves can also cure stomach ulcers instigated by bacteria.

Sage leaf is a good remedy for treating excessive sweating. Body temperatures are regulated through sage leaf oil and reduce sweating of the body. These are of good use for people living in deserts to lessen body sweating due to too much heat. With this unique property, sage leaf is also a good element in creating deodorants.

Sage leaves are also great elements in making powerful mouthwash and gargles. It can strengthen teeth and gums as well as clean the whole mouth for lesser bacteria causing infection. It is also superb in enhancing memory and making our senses work faster.

These few but efficient properties are proofs of how useful a simple leaf can be. Both medicines artificially manufactured and natural medicinal herbs aim to cure many sickness.