Re-interpreting Scottish Cuisines

Scottish cuisine has its own characteristic features and is greatly appreciated by food connoisseurs from across the world. Traditional Scottish cuisine forms the basis of many culinary traditions of the country and has become an important feature of its culture. Considered by many as one of the most important and interesting features of Scottish cuisine is the use of local products, for instance, smoked and salted meats, fish, oats and oatcake are some of the standard food items within this cuisine.

Today Scottish chefs are re-interpreting their culinary heritage by introducing delectable variations on the old standards. These recipes highlight Scottish ingredients at their best, with some of the most famous traditional Scottish delicacies including Loch Fyne Kippers, Ayrshire Bacon, Aberdeen Angus Beef, Smoked Scottish Salmon and many more all available online from the Scottish Gourmet.

As we have noted, many of the traditional Scottish cuisines now form the basis of much culinary innovation, although here at The Scottish Gourmet we also take great pride in offering you many of the most famous Scottish cuisines;

Loch Fyne Kippers. Loch Fyne Kippers are considered to be delicacy. Caught locally in the clear waters of Loch Fyne, these fish soaked in a brine solution, and slowly cured over smouldering oak fires for up to 16 hours.

Ayrshire Bacon. Ayrshire bacon is another traditional Scottish cuisine made from Great White premium-grade pigs after removing skin and bones before curing. Once cured, the middle part is rolled tightly, keeping the fat side outermost. The leg is rolled and tied and the shoulder cut into boiling joints. These are known as an Ayrshire roll.

Aberdeen Angus Beef. Aberdeen Angus Beef menu is a must for meat lovers everywhere, with seven cuts of steak it is now considered one of the finest cuts of beef available anywhere in the world.

Scottish Smoked Salmon. Scottish Salmon is considered by many to be the finest salmon in the world and Scotland is famous for its smoked fish worldwide. They have mastered smoking process that involves using oak wood and peat, which is used to prepare the most popular and flavourful salmon in the world. This Scottish smoked salmon is characterized by a more orange-pink colour, and a tender and delicate flesh.

The Scottish Gourmet. The Scottish Gourmet provides the finest Scottish cuisine delivered direct to your doorstep. Our master chefs take the best of their culinary heritage, re-interpreting many traditional Scottish recipes to produce delectable variations on the old standards. Specialist in almost all kinds of Scottish cuisines, including Loch Fyne Kippers, Ayrshire Bacon, Aberdeen Angus Beef, Smoked Scottish Salmon and much more, all of our food is delivered fresh and direct to your door. We dont use any artificial additive or genetically modified ingredients, the meat we use is bred and reared in Scotland and is fully traceable back to the farm of origin. In short, the Scottish Gourmet provides the very best of Scottish cuisine direct to you

The Restaurant Birmingham-the Asian Influence

The bustling metropolis of Birmingham is situated in the West Midlands County of England. It has a population of 1016800 people and is the second most populated city of the United Kingdom. The place hosts the largest whole sale food market of England, and supplies its agricultural produces to places as far as 100 miles. The town has the history of having a robust local market from time immortal. The historical evidence to the fact is the Royal charter, dated 1166. The whole sale food market is popular for its numerous varieties of freshly produced vegetables, fruits, flowers, fish and meat.

The Birmingham restaurants have always tried to win the hearts of their patrons through new delicacies and excellent cuisines. The invention of the dish Balti is a good evidence of the skills of the citys chefs to create new dishes aimed at luring the customer for more. Balti is a type of curry that is cooked and served on a round bottomed, cast iron made, bucket like shallow vessel. The vessel generally has two handles. The dish is a variant of a popular Baluchistan cuisine. The Baluchistan recipe is modified to suit the taste of the locale.

The citys tryst with the Asian cuisines and cooking started as early as 1940. This was the time that the immigrants started settling down in the town. The immigrants brought their culture, religion and culinary heritage to the city along them. The first oriental food joint was set up to cater to the immigrant populace only. The Indian and Chinese cultures are well known for their detailed and extravagant culinary culture. The cooking of the immigrants soon caught the attention of the locals, and it started to develop a strong base of admirers and frequent patrons.

The Darjeeling was the first Indian restaurant, Birmingham. It was established in 1945 and Afrose Miah owned the establishment situated on Steel house Lane. The grand success and booming business of the eatery soon encouraged many an Indian restaurants to open shop. The Shah Bag was the second restaurant followed closely by the opening of The Aloka in 1960 and The Banu in 1969. The first Chinese restaurant was established in 1956 at Holloway Head. The eatery was named Tong Kung. The Wing Yip industry started in the year 1969. The business dealt with Chinese food and ingredients for its cooking. The oriental cooking style has made its mark among the restaurants, Birmingham.

Get Great Cake Design Ideas

Many individuals enjoy baking all types of tasty treats such as cakes, cookies, pies, and a variety of other pastries that appeal to all palettes. There are a considerable number of these individuals who have gone to great lengths to create the quality and perfection that professional do, especially when they bake and decorate cakes. Naturally, it helps to be somewhat artistic and talented. But what if you arent or if you have never tried to equal the endeavors of the professional baker?

What most individuals dont realize is that they dont have to go out and spend a fortune on the different “tools of the trade” that are needed to decorate cakes like a professional. Believe or not, many of these “tools” can be found in your home and include such items cutlery, paper, paper towels, paint brushes, and even some of the toys your children play with. These tools can help you create a cake that is worthy of the most discerning tastes.

So as you can see, you do not have to attend expensive culinary classes in order to learn how to decorate cakes just like a professional. Granted, having the appropriate tools is extremely helpful, but as we mentioned above, you already have some of them in your home. Here are a few cake decorating tips to consider:

Naturally, you want to start with a smooth layer of icing – apply a thin layer and refrigerate it for about 20 minutes and then apply the final layer. Using a cake spatula and continually dipping it in cool water is the best way to create the smoothest icing possible. You can also top the cake with powdered sugar instead of icing if you choose. Applying a stencil is a great way to decorate cakes when using a dusting of powdered sugar.

Edible decorations are cheap and make it easy to decorate cakes quickly candy, coconut, nuts, and sprinkles can all be placed on the icing in order to make your cake stand out in a crowd. Just be aware that these have are high in sugar and add to the calories.

Purchase a cardboard comb you can find these in any baking store and they are ideal for creating a more textured looking icing when you decorate cakes.

Use a pastry bag to create piping most individuals have seen how pastry bags can be an integral part of cake decorating. You can adjust the size of the piping using different metal dispensing tips that can be easily attached to the pastry bag. This is one of the primary tools that everyone should have to decorate cakes with. You can create flowers, spell out words, and create a number of other designs using a pastry bag and different tips that are included.

On a closing note, you might want to experiment a little in order to perfect the best cake decorating techniques. If you are really intent about learning how to decorate like a pro, then you should consider investing the money in a cake decorating class.

A Culinary School Will Teach Almost Anyone How to Cook Like a Real Chef

A few cooking classes to improve cooking skills or a culinary cooking degree to find a career, a culinary arts school education can improve a persons quality of life, no matter who that person may be. If a person loves the art of cooking, or hates the stress of cooking, a culinary school is a place to start. If a person has a natural talent for the art of cooking, or is simply not good at cooking meals, a culinary school is sure to help that person accomplish his or her goals.

It is true that students who go to a culinary school are looking for a career in the cooking industry, and culinary schools are geared towards that type of student, but a lot of culinary schools have many classes and programs for students who have other cooking agendas. A Culinary arts school program might range from basic cooking classes in the evenings and weekends, to an associate’s degree in culinary arts basics. Culinary arts schools offer students who want to purse a career in the cooking industry, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in culinary business management and the culinary arts. A culinary school will also has classes in recreational cooking for the amateur chef, and most people just want to learn or be thought how to cook better.

The culinary school recreational classes have something for most peoples interests, if a person thinks he or she is good at cooking or no skill at all, they should find help. A few culinary school cooking classes should be the difference in making meals to impress friends and family. These classes should cover the basic aspects of cooking skills, and special or unique classes that will focus on different cuisine, strategies and techniques. Good overall health means good nutrition, and culinary arts schools should have classes with basic nutrition in mind, and which will help in making good, tasty and healthy meals for friends and family. A culinary arts school training has clear advantages and benefits for everybody. The ability to create delicious and healthy meals, and hold dinner parties will impress family and friends with all the new talent learned at these culinary schools. By learning these new cooking skills a person will be able to save money that would be otherwise spend at restaurants for the same quality meals. The knowledge and skills gained at these culinary schools will enable a person to make a good nutrienous meal even for the pickiest of people.

Even if a person dreads the thought of stepping into the kitchen to make a meal, cooking is a necessity of life for a lot of people. If a person is lucky enough to have somebody else to cook, or hire someone to make the meals, the food has to get to the table someway. Many people do not have the option of going to restaurants to eat, because of money or poor health issues, so a person will have to learn the skills to cook the meals. And, maybe find it enjoyable to make and eat. James Murray is a successful writer and online SEO and SEM expert providing valuable tips and advice for those interested in seo and sem strategies. His numerous articles found on the Internet, provide useful and factual seo and sem information and insight. Some of his websites are : , ,

Understanding Culinary Yield Percentages

Yield percentages are a very important part of controlling the costs. Having a clear understanding of how much product is able to be used is absolutely essential to keeping your business successful. Without an understanding of yield percentages you could possibly be ordering too much or too little of a product that you need. A great example of this would be if you were going to make 15 Apple pies, but you are uncertain if one case is going to be enough even though you know you need 1 pound of apples per pie.

The yield of one Apple is about 76%, the way this is determined is by weighing the entire Apple and then discard everything from the Apple that you cannot use such as in this case the Apple core and peel. Then the Apple is weighed again. Determine what the percentage is divide the second weight by the apples original weight in this case it would appear on your calculator like this 0.76 which shows 76%. So the math for this problem would look like this,

3.8oz / 5oz =.76

Now let’s say a case of apples is $21.00 and 40 apples are in the case. We can see from the math problem above that the average weight of these apples is 5 ounces and out of those 5 ounces, 3.8 ounces is usable. We know that we need 1 pound of apples per pie and we’re making 15 pies. We need to figure out how many usable ounces are in a case and how many ounces we’re going to need to make those pies.

There’s 16 ounces in a pound so to figure out how many ounces we will need for the pies will look like this 16oz x 15 = 240oz. Now we need to figure out how many usable ounces are in a case and we know there are 40 apples in the case, to figure out this problem it will look like this 3.8 oz. x 40 = 152 so looking at this number we will not have enough apples in a case to make the pies. To convert the ounces back to pounds for more general idea of what you’ll need to order to have the correct amount divide the ounces by 16 it should look like this ( 152 oz. / 16 = 9.5 ).

So by looking at this we can see there is 9 1/2 pounds of usable apples in a case and in order to make the 15 Apple pies 15 pounds of apples is needed. By doing this we have taken the guesswork out and now know for sure that one case will not be enough. Truly dialing in food costs is essential for any restaurant or food service business to be successful. Having a better understanding of yield cost percentages is the first step of many to controlling those costs.

Why Kosher Catering In Miami Is The Very Best

Visiting Miami need not leave you stressed that you won’t have good kosher catering in Miami. You surely will. The services are much better since the location has good quality food and catering colleges. All the people who have been aiming to become great chefs decided to study abroad and Miami is among the areas they’ve flocked.

With all the newly acquired skills and the fact that the chefs are young and vivid, they are keen to try new things. Their ingenuity ensures that they’re always coming up with new tested recipes and new means of preparing thier foods. The meals are delicious and because you will be in a whole new environment, you might also try their culinary skills. Jews stick to their culture wherever they are and so you should not be worried that you’ll be going towards your ideas. Their culinary skills are just to die for, and you can be lest assured that you will have the meals of your lifetime.

If you have a party, kosher catering in Miami will do anything for you. They will obtain the best kosher meat for you, other kosher recipes, and you can have assurance understanding that someone is in your back. You just need to sit back with the caterers, lay your financial allowance on the table, give them the food list, and you could think about the job done. Along with their cuisine fresh , artistic, innovative and interesting, you won’t ever regret hiring them for the event. Regardless of what the occasion, whether it’s a business event, a birthday party, a Thanksgiving party, or only other gathering, you could be lest guaranteed that your visitors will have a blast with the sumptuous meals .

Kosher catering in Miami caters for big and small events, plus they do it very well. For intimate parties just like a family and a friends? party, they provide the most exotic food, and you will likely be left asking for a lot more. The dedication of their employees is just the perfect, and they are keen to the detail. Only the highest quality and the freshest products are utilized. This assures that you are having the very best and the worth for your money for that. The choices are endless and whatever food you like. You can be sure you will definitely have it. They’ve got lots of ideas, and you will likely be spoilt for choice on what to pick. The outcome of the service is just flawless, and you will certainly obtain a lot more than you anticipated.

Kosher catering in Miami has got the client in thier mind, and the client is always left with a smile on their faces. The staff understands how to work with the clients, and they follow the budget to the word. When the drinks include wines also, they make sure that they have greatest kosher wine there is. They have a wide range so that you could have the ability to choose the one that tickles your fancy and the one your guests like.

You simply need to hit the net and search for the best kosher catering services in Miami. You can also ask around from your neighbours, from your colleagues from work and from some of your loved ones. A word of mouth is great to follow because the ones informing you have an expertise, and they know how the service is. I am happy that you spent your time . Now, you already know that when you’re in Miami, you will have an experience over a lifetime from their kosher catering services.

Rajasthan- Royal Cuisine, Lip-smacking Experience !

The art of the cuisine, when fully mastered, is the one human capability of which only good things can be said. It is a quote by Friedrich Durrenmatt but it seems to reflect the culinary art of Rajasthan. Cooking was and is still a serious business in this abode of Raja-Maharajas and this is the reason why Rajasthani food is one of the best cuisines in the world. The royal kitchens of the Raja-Maharajas had the best of cooks who were truly masters in the art of cooking. With so little, the culinary masters of of this royal state have created so much that tourists will have a wide variety to choose from.

Feast on many gastronomic delights to your heart’s content and round off your hearty meals with mouth-watering sweet dishes. The culinary delights of Rajasthan are greatly influenced by the Rajputs and Mughals who ruled here for ages. Vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes are served here. Dal bati churma is the most famous vegetarian dish of the state. Do try tasty vegetarian dishes such as Kair Sangri, govind gatta, papad ki sabzi, alu mangori and alu samosa. The famous Non-Vegetarian dishes are Lal Maans(Red Meat) and Safed Maans(White Meat) prepared with almonds, cashew nuts and coconut.

Liberal use of dairy products, gram flour, buttermilk, vegetables and desi ghee make the food healthy and tasty. Mawa kachori, ladoos, malpua, ghevar, rasgulla, laapsi and chakki are some of the irresistible sweet dishes of this colorful desert. Spicy chutneys of green chilies and dried red chilies are also famous.

Each region of this tourist destination invites you to feast on its own specialty. There is so much to tantalize your sweet tooth. Jodhpur offers Mawa Kachori and Ladoos, Alwar offers Mawa, Pushkar offers Malpuas, Bikaner offers Rasgullas, Jaipur offers Ghevar and Dil Jani from Udaipur.

Ever tried camel milk tea? Relish it in this state. It can be taken with a variety of snacks such as bhujiya, bread bajee, bread bonda, braedfruit bajee, cabbage vada, carrot vada, chili bajee, mint pakoda, mushroom pakoda, onion bajee, potato bajee etc.

To give you a little high, Rajasthan has several interesting liqueurs to offer. One of the most famous is Kesar Kasturi, which is made from saffron, dry fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds, roots and twenty one spices. It has medicinal and curative properties. Other liqueurs are Jagmohan with 27 spices, Mawalin with 29 spices and the most amazing one is Chandrahas with 76 spices. Take your pick!

History of Buffets, Infusions Restaurant and The Okanagan College Culinary Arts Buffets

It was the 18th century, and in France the modern day buffet was developed which soon spread across Europe. Serving a meal to oneself has a long and interesting history, but the original term buffet referred to the sideboard where all the various types of food was served, although, eventually this style of eating was converted to modern day buffets.

The second half of the 19th century, especially in the English speaking world, buffets became extremely popular for meals. Lunch, or an informal luncheon which was originally a very light meal that was consumed between breakfast and dinner, and often replacing dinners. Buffets came in two styles of a meal, and started at the fashionable hour of “One O’Clock”. The “buffet” luncheon, and at which time the dining guests would stand while they eat their meal, or the luncheon served at small tables where the dining guests would be seated.

All buffet food must be eaten with a fork or a spoon, and the knife was strictly forbidden at these “buffet” lunches. The essentials of a -buffet- luncheon are covered by these following dishes. All types of beverages including coffee, tea, punch or chocolate which was poured from urns, or brought from a pantry on trays in filled cups. Hot entres of various types which was served on a platter or from a chafing dish, and preceded by hot bouillon. Cold entres such as salads, lobster, salmon, shrimp, crab, potatoes, chicken, and served with heavy dressings. Hot rolls, and sandwiches that were wafer-cut in size such as tomato and lettuce, ham, and many others. Plus desserts such as small cakes and pastries.

Buffets are very popular with people today, because, it offers plenty of food variety at a reasonable price. People with large appetites can feed themselves without waiting for their food to be served. Especially families with children, this is often a very important point when dining out. Buffets are definitely a nice dining alternative to conventional restaurants, because people can get the foods they want in the quantities they like. People can create their own dishes with more meat, less vegetables and fewer side dishes, plus creating salads with appealing ingredients that they enjoy. Buffets offer people the opportunity to try new types of food that they would not order off a menu in a restaurant.

Infusions Restaurant at the Okanagan College hosts several buffets every year, and the last “buffet” was held a week after their Okanagan Wine Festival Gourmet Dinner which attracted a sellout crowd of over 80 dining guests. Guests were treated to a “Five Course” gourmet dinner with special Okanagan Valley wines to accompany each course.

The Okanagan College Culinary Arts Buffet was prepared with the special talents of the new, up and coming future chefs of your favorite restaurants, cruise ships, hotels, ski and golf resorts, all directed and instructed by World Class Chefs. The buffet included fresh meats, poultry, seafood of all types, and of course Okanagan Valley fresh vegetables and fruits.

Infusions and the Okanagan College Culinary Arts Bakery had a spectacular dessert buffet for this special night with freshly made gourmet desserts, and with a delicious assortment of as many freshly made Pastries, Cakes, and Chocolate Confections as a person could possibly eat after the meal.

The Culinary Arts buffet offered a HUGH selection of seafood and seafood platters that were served at the buffet from Sushi Rolls, Dim Sum, Salmon, Coulibiac of Halibut to Shark and Lobster. Dishes containing Gratin of Potatoes & Yams, many types of Pasta with Grilled and Glazed Vegetables, and of course the Roast Beef and Beef Tenderloin, and ALL for $15.00!

For tourists, visitors or people in the Kelowna area and the Okanagan Valley who missed this “Spectacular Feast”, there will be another buffet held in early December at Okanagan College’s Infusions Restaurant.

Infusions Restaurant is run by future culinary chefs in the Culinary Arts program at Okanagan College with instruction from World Class Chefs, and the restaurant offers their dining guests a chance to experience fine gourmet dining at very reasonable prices. James Murray is a successful writer and online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) expert providing valuable tips and advice for those interested in seo and sem strategies. His numerous articles found on the Internet, provide useful and factual seo and sem information and insight. Some of his websites are : , ,

Finding The Right Career In The Food Industry

In almost every field of practice, both educational attainment and skills are considered by the employers when looking to hire the most promising job-hopefuls. The food industry, however, may be a little lenient especially in the educational department. Many times, it only takes skill, training, and a little bit of experience to get hired in a food retail job. It doesnt even take the highest degree from a world-renowned school to successfully put up ones own pastry shop. Sometimes, all it takes is an impressive cooking experience coupled with sheer natural talent.

But other times, that only goes for the lucky ones. Everyones best bet, even for those aspiring to land a career in the food industry, is to go for a formal type of education. This will not only help in honing ones knowledge and skills, but will also provide bigger and better job opportunities in the future.

If you are planning to pursue a career in culinary, enrolling in a duly accredited school will best prepare you for your embarkation on a good job. Of course, you should choose a program that is fitting for your preferred field of duty, budget, and time allowance. Enlisting in a course that trains you in all the unnecessary departments will only be a waste of your time and money.

There are a number of training options in this industry. Just like other professions, one can enroll for an associates degree program, a bachelors degree program, or a certificates program in culinary arts. Whichever degree program you choose, make sure that you choose one that is offered in a school that has been properly authorized by accreditation offices. The degree program requiring the least amount of time is the certificate program which only entails a total of six months to one year of schooling. Next is the associates degree, requiring two years. The longest is the bachelors degree, which will take a minimum of four years to accomplish. In addition, there are also masters degree and doctorate degree programs should you wish to go for a higher level of education. Each of these programs takes around six and eight years of schooling, respectively.

The quality and amount of opportunities you receive upon graduation will depend on the type of education that you have acquired. This is because people who have been schooled in a culinary school for a longer period of time would have gained more exposure to essential concepts, and are expected to have a broader cooking experience compared to the rest.

Among the many career opportunities in the food industry are jobs as a nutritionist, a food critic, pastry chef, executive chef, or a position in hotel and restaurant management. If any of these is your dream job, then you can jumpstart your successful career by enrolling in the best culinary school there is for you. Always remember that success cannot be acquired overnight, it is a gradual process which, for you, can start as early as now.

Luxury Tours of India Delightful Fusion of Indian Charms and Attractions

India is a country where history, cuisine, culture, tradition and nature redefine and exhibit a diversity that is indifferent and seldom found in any other place in the world. It is a paradigm of unity that exists despite of diversity and is a perfect fusion of the old and the new. Being the incredible land of the Maharajas, it is symbolic of the royal lifestyle and royal splendour that comes alive in the magnificent palaces that have been transformed into beautiful heritage hotels without compromising on the age-old beauty of the amazing architecture and grandeur. India tour packages offer a number of tour packages of which the most fascinating is the India luxury tour packages.

The luxury tours of India include touring different cities like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur as part of the golden triangle tours, where you can see the magnificent palaces and forts of the Mughals and the Rajputs. You can also experience the regal grandeur and luxury of the rulers of Rajasthan with the help of the Palace on Wheels luxury train tour. The luxury art and architecture tour of India enlightens the tourists on the ancient art and architectural styles of the country and their evolution over thousands of years of Indian history.

The various exotic attractions or tours that are included in the Indian luxury tour packages include Ajanta and Ellora caves, architecture and museum tour, great Taj Mahal tour, Kerala backwater tour, Birding tour of India, Kerala culinary tour, India and Rajasthan tour, Holiday in Kerala, art and architecture tour, North India highlights tour, tours to Goa, Rajasthan tours, beach tour of India, camel safari in Thar Desert, North India tour, India and Nepal tour, Palace on wheels, South India sojourn, exotic Rajasthan tour, Golden triangle tour, art and culture tour, rejuvenation tours to India, and adventure tours of India. Each coach of the Palace on Wheels is set in the style of one of the major princely states of Rajasthan, complete with their royal insignia, coat of arms, architectural traits and handicrafts of the region, and traditional motifs.

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in South India, where ancient culture has learned to coexist with modern developments of today in sublime harmony and balance. It is in Deccan India that you will find some of the best Spa and Ayurveda resorts in the world, meting out original Ayurvedic treatments and massages as well as a mix of traditional and foreign massage therapies and innovative treatments to heal you better. The vast space and rich landscapes offers tourists the opportunity to experience the curative power of Nature. The Indian sub continent is blessed with an amazing mixture of wildlife starting from swarming insect colonies to majestic herds of elephants to highly endangered Royal Bengal Tigers and one-horned rhinoceros that certainly make India an animal lovers paradise.

Spirituality, antiquity, culture, monuments, wildlife and adventure India offers such a number of holiday opportunities that it is difficult to distill them in a single tour and hence, the country will hook you for another visit and then aother. An India luxury tour is indeed the best option to look at if you are planning on a wonderful, comfortable and memorable holiday.

Sara has deep interest in writing informative articles on Travel and tourism in India. Also given her words to a portal for India Tours where one can find info on India Tour Packages and Ladakh Trekking Tours and other destinations of India. Explore- and get your dream vacation package.